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About the Volcanoes Lesson

A science lesson on volcanoes.

• Students will learn how the Earths structure drives changes on the surface like volcanoes, rock and mountain formation, and earthquakes.

• Students will learn the results of plate movement and internal heat.

• Students will relate observations of events and structures on Earths surface to their causes: plate tectonics and convection in the mantle.

• Students will learn about the different types of volcanoes and what causes them.

• Students will learn that not all magma reaches Earths surface; it creates interesting rock formations which are later exposed by erosion.

Suggested Grades
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade

Volcanoes are mountains from which hot, molten rock erupts. Have you ever wondered what causes them? Have you ever wondered if one could happen near where you live? Volcanoes are formed in different ways.Most are a result of movement of the Earths plates. Some are over hot spots on the Earths surface.

Earths curved surface is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. The pieces of the puzzle are the tectonic plates. The plates are constantly in motion. They move toward each other. They move away from each other. They slide past each other, each heading in opposite directions, scraping along each others edge. We don`t see the movement because it is very slow. We see the effects of this movement, though. Most earthquake and volcano activity takes place at the plate boundaries.




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