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The United Nations (UN)

About the The United Nations (UN) Lesson

This is an introductory lesson about the United Nations and its purpose.

• to outline and explain the history of the UN;

• to describe and discuss the function of the UN;

• to explain how the UN works as an organization.

Suggested Grades
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade

The United Nations is an international organization with 192 country members. These countries have joined together to strive for peace and security in the world. The UN was established officially on 24th October 1945 to take the place of the League of Nations which was founded after World War I between 57 nations. It was meant to work on peace and to promote social and economic cooperation. However, it was considered a failure as it was unable to stop or prevent World War II.

Between April and June of 1945, 50 countries met at the United Nations Conference for International Organization in San Francisco to finalize the rules for international cooperation between the countries. In June 1945, the rules were signed by the 50 countries and later by Poland which could not attend the conference, but is recognized as a founding member. The rules that were ratified and signed by the 51 countries are seen as the Constitution of the UN, or the UN Charter.




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