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Subject/Verb Agreement

About the Subject/Verb Agreement Lesson

This lesson explains subject and verb agreement.

• To be able to identify if a subject is plural.

• To be able to identify if a verb is plural.

• To be able to make subjects and verbs agree.

Suggested Grades
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade

The easiest way to determine if a verb is plural or not is to ask yourself whether the verb you are seeing would normally be used with he, she, or they. If the verb can be used with he or she, then it is singular. If it is used with they, it is plural. For example, think of eat and eats. Which one is the plural verb? He eat? She eat? They eat? They eat is correct, so eat would be a plural verb in this example. He eats? She eats? They eats? He eats and she eats are both correct, so eats would be a singular verb in this example.
If there are two subjects in the sentence and one of them is plural, then a plural verb should be used.




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