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English Grammar: Prepositions

About the English Grammar: Prepositions Lesson

Introduction to prepositions.

• Students will be able to state the definition of a preposition and object of a preposition.

• Students will be able to recognize prepositions and their objects.

• Students will be able to recognize prepositional phrases and state that they are composed of prepositions and their objects.

• Students will be able to distinguish prepositions of time and place from each other and from other prepositions.

• Students will be able to use prepositions and prepositional phrases in sentences.

Suggested Grades
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade

Prepositions Procedures

1. Read lesson and discuss examples.
2. Allow students time to complete the exercises.
3. Discuss answers to exercises.


A preposition is a word that relates or connects words in a sentence to each other. Prepositions can show direction, place, or time as well as other relationships. All prepositions have objects. The object of a preposition is the word or phrase it refers or relates to. A preposition and its object together are called a prepositional phrase. In most cases, the preposition comes just before its object.

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