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Physical vs. Chemical Properties

About the Physical vs. Chemical Properties Lesson

This lesson is useful for introducing the difference between physical and chemical properties. It also introduces physical and chemical mixtures.

• The student will be able to identify the physical properties of an object and a simple substance.

• The student will understand that physical properties describe a substance while chemical properties are what occur during as it changes into another substance.

• The student will be able to describe a physical mixture and ways to reverse it into its individual substances.

• The student will describe a chemical mixture and that it is a chemical change that is not generally reversible.

Suggested Grades
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade

If you are asked to describe a classmate, most of you will list things like height, hair color, eye color, etc. These are all properties that belong to the person you are describing.

Physical Properties

In your description of your classmate, things like hair or eye color, height, and weight are all physical properties. They are physical features of the person you are describing and the things you can see or observe. In science, physical properties can include things you see plus such things as the melting point, boiling point, freezing points, color, shape, and odor. They describe a substance. The size of the sample doesn?t change these properties. An ounce of water will freeze at the same temperature as a gallon of water. A small piece of gold is the same color as a large nugget.

Physical Mixtures

Often several things are mixed together.




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