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French Revolution

About the French Revolution Lesson

This lesson introduces students to the French Revolution.

• To be able to describe the French Revolution.

• To be able to identify the different classes in France.

• To be able to briefly be introduced to the goals of the French Revolution.

Suggested Grades
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade

In the history of France, the French Revolution covered the period 1789 till 1799. In France, the society was divided into three classes, known as estates. The first included the priests and religious leaders of the Church and they constituted 1% of the population. They controlled approximately 10% of the land in France and received great wealth from it. The second consisted in the nobility, which were around 2% of the population. They owned 25% of the land. The third consisted in around 97% of the population and they were required to pay taxes, tithing to the Church, and dues, which made their life very difficult.




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