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As Big As - Similes

About the As Big As - Similes Lesson

The reading introduces the children to the concept of similes and can be done either individually or as a class discussion.

• The children will be able to identify similes.

• The children will be able to create and use similes in their own writing.

Suggested Grades
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade

Activity A provides practice in identifying well-known similes. Activities B and C provide the children with the opportunity to utilize what they have learnt to create their own similes and to use them in their writing.

Let?s talk about similes. The word simile comes from a Latin word meaning sameness, or the same as. We use similes all the time when we speak, without even thinking about it.

Writers use similes too when they describe things by comparing them to other things. For example, instead of describing something as big, you could say it is as big as a house; or instead of saying someone runs fast, you could say he runs like the wind. Which one helps you ?see? or understand better how big or how fast is meant? A good simile makes both your speaking and your writing more interesting.

Similes are easy to recognize. They have two grammar patterns.




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