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From Cows to Cartons

About the From Cows to Cartons Lesson

This lesson covers a basic explanation of cows, dairy farming, and how milk gets to our table.

• to introduce some of the basic characteristics of cows and dairy farming;

• to explain and discuss the steps involved in having milk readily available;

• to provide a preliminary insight into bacteria;

• to introduce Louis Pasteur and his work.

Suggested Grades
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade

Do you get up in the morning and eat a bowl of cereal? Do you add milk from a carton or a plastic jug? And do you ever wonder how the milk got from the cow into the carton?

Milk is considered a perfect food. It contains every element babies need for building healthy bodies, good teeth, and strong bones. It is good for people of all ages. Milk has the calcium and vitamins our bodies need. It is full of protein, fats, minerals, and carbohydrates that are essential to our health. It is easily digested. In fact, milk is the only fat babies can digest. In the USA, the dairy industry is considered one of the most important industries of all.

All About Cows
A baby cow is called a calf. After two years, calves are considered cows and are ready to have their own calves. They do not produce any milk until they have their first calf. After that, most cows will produce milk for about four years.




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