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Third Grade
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Colonial Life

About the Colonial Life Lesson

Summary of life for children in Colonial America.

• Student will be able to name several differences between his/her own life and the life of Colonial children.

Suggested Grades
3rd Grade
4th Grade

Did you ever wonder how children lived long ago? Over 300 years ago, in what we call Colonial times, children in America did many things that you do, such as play, help with chores, and learn. But many things were different too.

Since there was no electricity, children could not play video games or watch t.v. Instead, Colonial children often made their own games. One popular game was rolling the hoop. Children would compete with each other to see who could roll big wooden hoops the fastest or farthest, using sticks to guide and roll the hoop along. Nine pins was another game they played. Nine pins was similar to bowling, except it was played outdoors. Children also flew kites, played marbles, and ran sack races. Indoors, children would read or embroider designs called ?samplers? on pieces of cloth.




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