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About the Botany Lesson

This lesson is designed to increase reading comprehension. It provides an overview of botany, some the divisions of botany, and important terms and names.

• To be able to define what botany is.

• To be able to identify different fields of study within botany.

• To be able to describe the general processes that a plant undergoes, such as photosynthesis.

• To be able to name at least two important botanists.

Suggested Grades
5th Grade
6th Grade

The section of botany called plant anatomy studies the structure and parts of plants. By studying the parts of plants, botanists are able to understand how the plant functions; that is, how it grows, how it reproduces, and how it changes. Botanists have discovered that plants, like everything else, are made up of living cells. These cells differ from the cells found in animals because they have walls made out of cellulose that provides the cells the strength that they need to form the major parts of the plant. These cells make up various tissues like xylem tissue, which conducts water throughout the plant, and phloem tissue, which conducts food-like materials (like minerals) throughout the plant.




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