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The Bermuda Triangle

About the The Bermuda Triangle Lesson

This lesson introduces the area known as the Bermuda Triangle.

• to describe and explain the various opinions about the Bermuda Triangle.

• to describe some of the history of the Bermuda Triangle.

Suggested Grades
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade

The Bermuda Triangle, an area of the Atlantic Ocean, is a legend of its own. The ways that the boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle are defined vary with different writers. Some authors allege that the Bermuda Triangle is shaped like a trapezoid and includes the Straits of Florida, the Bahamas, the Caribbean islands, and the waters to the east of the Azores. Others include the Gulf of Mexico as being part of the Bermuda Triangle.

The area included in the Bermuda Triangle has ships crossing through it daily. It is one of the most heavily used shipping lanes in the world. Many cruise ships and pleasure ships regularly sail in this area. Many airplanes also fly over it because it is a heavily traveled route for commercial and private flights. The Bermuda Triangle is sometimes called the Devil?s Triangle, because many planes and ships have disappeared there.




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