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Benjamin Franklin

About the Benjamin Franklin Lesson

This lesson introduces students to Benjamin Franklin.

• To be able to list some of Benjamin Franklin?s accomplishments.

• To be able to describe Benjamin Franklin?s life.

Suggested Grades
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade

Benjamin Franklin started out as an apprentice in his brother s print shop in Boston, and he created The New-England Courant, which was the first truly independent newspaper in the colonies. He wanted to write for the paper, but was not permitted to do so. Benjamin Franklin used a pseudonym to write for the paper. A pseudonym is a fictitious name used in place of a person s real name. He used the pseudonym of ?Mrs. Silence Dogood,? who was supposedly a middle-aged widow. His letters were published in the paper and became a topic of discussion around town. His brother did not know that Benjamin was actually writing the letters and was upset when he learned the truth. When he was only 17, Benjamin Franklin wound up running away to Philadelphia to seek a new start in life.




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